Christmas Devotions for Families

happy-family-hold-story-book-portrait-holding-read-together-home-christmas-day-45768180Whelp, it’s December 3, and that means – it’s officially Christmas time. As parents, we’re gonna try really hard to make this season magical and wonderful for our children. But we’re also gonna try really hard to get everything done, and not to freak out about money or lose our minds over holiday plans. Most of us will attempt to set up a tree. When we aren’t attending half a dozen school programs or holiday parties or church events, we will try to make special Christmas memories with our kids. And somewhere, in the midst of all this madness, we will find ourselves craving moments to focus on the reason for it all: Jesus.

If you’re like me, finding those moments would be the first Christmas miracle, and then knowing what to say in those moments would be the second. How do I bring the Christmas story alive to my children?  They’ve heard the story many times before. How can we study it together in a way that’s new and meaningful?  My house looks like a stable, and smells like a stable, but what do I want them to know and remember about the real stable?

I don’t want to spend December making time for everything except Jesus. But if I’m not REALLY  intentional and protective, it will happen. So this month, I’ve decided to try creating family worship study guides – both for my own kids, and for yours – that will help us reflect together on the1 story of our Savior’s birth. I can’t guarantee a study guide for every single day of the week (which may or may not be a relief to you) because, well, I’m just not that organized. But I can guarantee that when they come, they will be reasonably short (we did ours in 10 minutes tonight) and, that we will make it through the entire Christmas story by the end of the month. So please join us! I pray that these studies will provide opportunities for all of us during this holiday season, to make time for what matters most. Click on the link below to begin!


#1 – Luke 1 – Surprise! The Christmas Story Begins

#2 – Luke & Matthew – Birth Stories