About This Blog

Hi, my name is Melissa and I’m a mommy of 4 from the Seattle area. Yeah, it’s true – we get a lot of rainy days here in Seattle. But here’s our secret: most of us will admit that we actually like those rainy days. In fact, we love them. We love the soothing sound of raindrops tapping on our windows, the smoky gray skies, the dark afternoons, the call to curl up by the fire with a hot cup of tea.

5040cbaaea1df5c6219f274997eb5753But when we’re totally honest with each other, we admit that what we love most about rainy days is the open-ended permission they give us to simply STOP.  “Stay at home in your bathrobes,” the rain whispers, “Cancel your plans – it’s too wet outside anyways. Snuggle your kiddos on the couch. Read a story, say a prayer. Today you have space for these.” And we agree, wholeheartedly – “Yes! Today is a rainy day. Today, we have time.”

This blog is my permission for you to do the same thing: to have a rainy day. It’s my permission for you to stop, slow down, take a moment for yourself, read something, write something, learn something, share something. Savor the small joys in your beautiful, blessed life.  Because they are there waiting for you, all the time, and you don’t have to hope for a rainy day in order to enjoy them. You can enjoy them today!


Recently we moved to Northern California. And while I miss my pacific northwest trails, my wild rocky beaches, the streets of Seattle and the towering image of Mt. Rainier, do you know what I miss most? You got it – rainy days. “You must be so relieved to live somewhere sunny now!” new friends exclaim. They don’t know. They can’t know, how much a rainy day is worth. When you’ve been a long time without them, they mean even more.  Maybe that’s you – it’s been awhile since you let yourself unwind. In that case, welcome to my blog. We’re both in need of a rainy day.